Uniquely Charleston Tours plans your Broad History Tour around your interests.  If you’ve heard about a specific neighborhood or story, we make sure you see it. You’ll glimpse the birth of a city and a nation. The architecture and culture of the 17th century are still a vibrant part of this enchanting city. Charleston’s travails and triumphs come alive.

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For guests with Charleston ties, Your Charleston Roots Tour begins before you arrive.  Based on information you provide, we research your Charleston family – where they lived, worked, worshiped, and where they now rest. We’ll weave your family story into a custom tour for 1-5 people. You’ll walk the streets your ancestors trod and see many of the sites they actually laid eyes on.  We include a bound copy of the records that we discover and a summary of your itinerary as a memento of  Your Charleston Roots tour.  Guests must book Your Charleston Roots Tour six weeks in advance.

Uniquely Charleston Tours loves a challenge! African American ancestors present unique, but often surmountable challenges. A woman from Washington, DC contacted Uniquely Charleston Tours to find her father’s family. We located the family home, which still stands. We learned her great grandfather was a prominent businessman, politician and community leader. Her newly discovered story reaches back, in Charleston, two hundred years. To learn more, see The life and times of William James Parker from slavery to freedom and beyond:  In Search of the Tinsmith of Tradd Street

Uniquely Charleston Tours would love to design a tour that takes you to your favorite Charleston places.  Please see the Charleston Tours page.  Contact us today! Call 843-708-4483, or e-mail paul@uniquelycharlestontours.com.

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